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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Artur AvtushenkoArtur Avtushenko
Hard earned pass
It was a great experience to learn how to drive with Nick. I have started to learn without any prior driving experience. Nick was very patient and taught my step by step. I must say I found it a little complicated at first but with persuasion and determination along with patience everything came together. Nick is very friendly, helpful and respectful individual. With every mistake I made there was an explanation with every great driving I did there was a praise. Always looked forward to each lesson. Highly recommended Nick to any learner driver, top driving instructor and a human being.

Luke Howson Luke Howson
Great pass
As I was preparing for my test last December my driving instructor left his job and left me behind, after searching for a month to find a new instructor I found nick, even with my difficult work hours and occasional lack of concentration nick always worked around it to help me, I passed today with one minor. Cannot recommend nick enough to anyone looking to pass their test, top man.

Craig Dobe Craig Dobe
First time pass
Nick is a great teacher, he is patient, friendly and very knowledgeable. He was able to turn me into a confident driver in a very short period with consistently good lessons at a very good price. I would highly recommend anyone to go with him.

Jordan Rosindale Jordan Rosindale
Another first time pass
Nick was a really great instructor, he helped me tremendously get to test standard, he was friendly and was great at teaching the procedures and manoeuvres. Would highly recommend.

Thais Nogu Thais Nogu
Passed first time
I would like to thank you for the high quality of lessons, which were very well planned and explained for the Test Booster Course. You were very good managing the time we had available for each lesson, and your friendly and patient way for delivering all important content to pass the test had a great impact on my resilience and confidence to succeed in it. I'm very glad and grateful I had you as my instructor.

Ryan Richardson Ryan Richardson
First time pass
Really great guy, helped me a lot and got me through it first time, I would highly recommend Nick to anyone from first time drivers to more experienced! Can't thank him enough!

Bethan HBethan H
Amazing lessons with nick!!! He’s a very chilled and friendly guy, which makes you feel relaxed and confident within your self. He’s always very punctual and will fit you in to suit your schedule. I 100% recommend Nick and will always remember him when I have a cuppa ��!

Amie Taylor Amie Taylor
First time pass
After a bad start with my driving I came across Nick's advert, I contacted him and straight away he was polite and friendly. I did a semi-intensive course with Nick and he was fun, patient and easy going whilst remaining professional and each lesson I came away feeling really proud of myself and couldn't believe what a great teacher he is! The theory study material was brilliant really helpful and I passed my theory first time with only 1 error thanks to the learning material! We booked my practical test soon after and I also passed that first time! I felt like Nick was just as pleased as me when I did pass (plus its worth it for the amazing pass gift ha!) I really can't thank him enough, driving will literally change my life!

Shainie Morden
He is such a lovely guy, and he will do the above and beyond to try and make you pass! I always look forward to the lesson! He has made me feel comfortable driving, even though I have had a bad experience previously. I would love to say I have made a new friend, as well as a great driving instructor.

Sasha Bolter
Always on time and can fit me in for a lesson around my needs, friendly and approachable which makes learning fun in a calm atmosphere. I enjoy my lessons and look forward to them with Nick :)

Artur Avtushenko
Recently started learning to drive with Nick, prior to this I had no experience in driving. I must say Nick is friendly, helpful, very patient and professional individual. I find learning very efficient and adequate with consistent explanation. Upon finishing each lesson i feel that I've accomplished my task and learned something new, confidence levels are improving with each lesson. Would highly recommend Nick.

Emma Furbank
My 18year old daughter is currently doing her lessons with Nick he has been supportive encouraging and taught her more in 8 lessons than her other instructor did in 15... her self esteem and confidence has dramatically changed for the better she feels confident and at ease with Nick teaching her. I highly recommend him as a driving instructor.